Monologen om Tietoevrys IT-säkerhet

Mina ursäkter till Tage Danielsson! Sannolikt ja, det tycks innebära något som är nära sanningen. Dock är det inte exakt lika trovärdigt som den rena sanningen om det bara är sannolikt. Idag verkar vi inte längre ha råd med absoluta sanningar, utan vi måste förlita oss på sannolikhetsbedömningar. Det är beklagligt, för de håller en… Continue reading Monologen om Tietoevrys IT-säkerhet

Workaround for crashing Electron/Atom applications!

A few days ago  all my Electron (Atom Shell) apps started crashing on my Ubuntu 17.10  (Artful Aardvark) machine: Skype, Discord, Slack…  and each stack trace looks very much like this: #0 0x0000000003419062 in () #1 0x0000000003f96086 in __start_google_malloc () #2 0x00000000034b9dc5 in calloc () #3 0x00007ffff20dc5d1 in g_malloc0 () at /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ #4 0x00007ffff4afc4c9 in () at… Continue reading Workaround for crashing Electron/Atom applications!

Increase disk size for OpenShift Origin Virtual Machine

Loving OpenShift, but having more than the three projects that already cost more than I earn from them I run an OpenShift Origin Virtual Machine on my home server. So today I was trying to get Uptime running on OpenShift via uptime-openshift. A truly wonderful way of installing applications, except that it didn’t go so well: $ rhc app create uptime nodejs-0.10 mongodb-2.4… Continue reading Increase disk size for OpenShift Origin Virtual Machine

Now-proofing your development!

At work today we discussed the concept of future-proofing, which I consider a bad practice. I can elaborate another time but my talented colleague Anders Holmberg invented now-proofing on the spot. That’s what we should be aiming for! Our bried discussion was inspired by this quote: If you are not embarrassed by the first version… Continue reading Now-proofing your development!

ZYB closing

For a couple of years I’ve been using ZYB to backup my mobile phone book online. They got bought by Vodafone and now they’re closing: On 31 July, ZYB will be closing. Please go to to register and backup your phone there. We thank all of our customers for their support!

WordPress upgraded and categories converted to tags

It seems like I’m always using an old WordPress generation, but hopefully without suffering too much from security issues. After upgrading I installed New Tag Cloud and converted my categories to tags. Unfortunately that means that all my posts are uncategorized now! I also need to fix the CSS styling for the tag cloud.

BlueGriffon – “the next-generation Web editor”

I forgot to write about the upcoming WYSIWYG web site editor BlueGriffon when I first heard about it (probably from Fredda) but I got reminded of it today. This is the announcement in Daniel Glazman’s blog (from 30 September): In the beginning was Netscape Gold. Then Mozilla Composer. From the ashes of Netscape and the… Continue reading BlueGriffon – “the next-generation Web editor”

Bye bye UIQ

Mobile phone interface developer UIQ (a former Symbian office) in Ronneby, Sweden has given notice to all employees today. This is the latest development in a downward spiral that started (or just accelerated?) with the Symbian Foundation announcement earlier this year.