Nokia buys Trolltech

Nothing on Trolltech‘s site yet, but Nokia has a press release titled Nokia to acquire Trolltech to accelerate software strategy. What will KDE say?

Is required in or not?

In an XSLT script I didn’t use <xsl:text> inside of <xsl:message>. It worked fine in xsltproc, but the Java XSLT implementation we use complained. What was wrong then? The text in an <xsl:message> was not inside an <xsl:text> element. Bad code: <xsl:message>Don’t do like this</xsl:message> Good code: <xsl:message><xsl:text>Do like this</xsl:text></xsl:message> To avoid making the same… Continue reading Is required in or not?

Canon EOS 450D

Canon has announced EOS 450D. It has a 12 megapixel sensor, live view in the LCD display and now uses SD/SDHC storage instead of CF. I’ll stick to my EOS 350D for now though. I don’t even use it every week.

Coding, not blogging

During the afternoon today I attended the first part of a mostly in-house course Scrum for team members led by Arne Åhlander. I’ll hopefully write more about it later, but now I’m going to work on The Project. Before I forget; I was recommended Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting at GleSYS. Anyone else who can… Continue reading Coding, not blogging