Today’s thoughts about programming languages

Maybe some of you have heard me ranting about this already? I’m not productive enough in C++ and I feel too limited by Java A large chunk of Java frameworks seem to serve no other purpose than to workaround limitations in Java I believe (and hope!) that Java will cease to be the default language… Continue reading Today’s thoughts about programming languages

Nokia buys Trolltech

Nothing on Trolltech‘s site yet, but Nokia has a press release titled Nokia to acquire Trolltech to accelerate software strategy. What will KDE say?

Beautiful Code

I’ve been reading Beautiful Code from time to time during the autumn. It’s mixed bag and I actually skipped some chapter that was too deep into maths for my taste. Chapter 22: A Spoonful of Sewage was an instant favorite; it is a a fascinating head-first dive into a bug hunt in Sun Solaris’ synchronization… Continue reading Beautiful Code