fmod() in PHP is the worst !”#¤%&/()= function ever!

I hate floating point artithmetic and I really hate fmod() in PHP. It’s useless. fmod — Returns the floating point remainder (modulo) of the division of the arguments If you calculate 36 modulo 7.2?  What do you get? Zero, yes. 7.2*5=36. No remainder! What if you use fmod in PHP? $ php -r ‘echo fmod(36,7.2);’… Continue reading fmod() in PHP is the worst !”#¤%&/()= function ever!

Ubuntu upgrade behind firewall

I’m currently upgrading my Ubuntu-in-VirtualBox at work from Jaunty to Karmic, but at first it didn’t work at all. Update Manager got stuck when I clicked the “Upgrade” button. Due to the Big Corporate Firewall all Internet access must go through the the Enterprisey Proxy so I immediately suspected a firewall/proxy issue. However, Update Manager,… Continue reading Ubuntu upgrade behind firewall

Are you still using the old Java plugin for Firefox?

In about:plugins, what’s the filename of the Java plugin? Is it If so, you should update to the new Java plugin. Run: sudo update-alternatives –config Now select instead and restart Firefox. Source: Out of date java 6 plugin installed.