Andi Gutmans: “Java is losing the battle for the modern Web”

Andi Gutmans (of PHP fame) has written a very interesting blog post about Java’s future on the web. The article is called Java is losing the battle for the modern Web. Can the JVM save the vendors? He gives some good arguments for using a LAMP stack for web applications.

One of the interesting quotes is:

Project Zero’s Chief Architect is one of the first IBMers to admit in public that Java today can be considered as a system language and is not desirable for building RESTful Web applications […]

This was apparently a bit out of context, according to the comment by Jason McGee, but fun to read nevertheless.

He makes a prediction that shall be interesting to see if comes true:

It has taken over 10 years for the Java stronghold to admit Java’s poor ROI on the Web and with the current recession it is likely that many Java customers are going to be making more informed investments. As a result there will be considerable rise in uptake of dynamic languages.

My cape and sword

Crying matadorIn the Walt Disney short animated movie Ferdinand The Bull the matador never get to show off his cape and sword. Sometimes I feel like the matador and want to show off my cape and sword (i.e. my programming skills), but for various reasons I can’t. The bull (i.e. the task at hand) might be too big, too small, or not even there…

Right now I’m pretty confident in writing custom Ant tasks and using HttpClient. It’s a pretty small bull, but not too bad.


No peering between TeliaSonera and Cogent Communications


I noticed yesterday that I could not visit The Daily WTF or Podomatic. Today I started investigating and __henke__ in #data on told me that my ISP Telia and Cogent Communications had stopped peering.

Related links in approximately chronological order:

The networks affected are AS1299 (TeliaSonera International Carrier, TSIC) and AS174 (Cogent Communications). 

Update It seems like is unreachable for the same reason.