Lova – Java 8 functional interface for AsyncTask on Android

I call the class Lova – in Swedish “to promise something” is “att lova något” .

This assumes you have converted your Android project to compile with Jack.

Warning: Lambdas do not currently work with multidex! See issue 226867.

This implementation only supports a single input parameter to the background task, but it the doInBackground method could easily be changed to send the full array instead.

If you need to report progress or handle cancellation of the AsyncTask, this implementation is too simple.



Microsoft earns money from iPhone 2.0

The developer.apple.com server seems to be overloaded at the moment, but the iPhone Developer Program will probably be acccessible in a day or two. Mac Rumors are of course covering the story. Apple will add lot of enterprisey things to iPhone 2.0, so that Microsoft will get a few bucks for each iPhone.

By the way, Google released Android SDK m5-rc14 the other day…