ThoughtWorks opens Swedish office in June

I can’t help keeping an eye on ThoughtWorks so here comes a followup on I read that ThoughtWorks is looking at Sweden:

According to Ola Bini’s ThoughtWorks comes to Sweden and Marcus Ahnve’s Joining ThoughtWorks, Starting Office in Stockholm they will be the ones manning the ThoughtWorks Swedish office that opens in June.

By the way, Ola Bini is the 6th best Swedish developer according to Computer Sweden. Ivar Jacobson has the well deserved top spot! I wonder what it takes to get on the list in a few years…


Really cool consultancy opportunity at Novell

Miguel wrote:

We are looking for consultants to work on a six to nine month project at Novell to write a prototype for a Visual Studio addin in C# or C++ that will connect Visual Studio and its debugging infrastructure to a remote Linux machine running Mono and the Mono Debugger.

This sounds like something in my taste. If it was in Sweden I had already applied!


Amazon Web Services used for ssh login attempts

I get ssh login attempts almost daily, mostly from DSL, asian or eastern european IP addresses but this one caught my eye:

 Illegal users from these: ( 210 times
       admin/password: 16 times
       test/password: 15 times
       tester/password: 15 times
       testing/password: 15 times
       guest/password: 14 times
       adm/password: 6 times
       administrator/password: 5 times

It comes from Amazon Web Services! I thought that "cloud computing" for these attackers meant "bot network", but maybe that is not the case?

Let’s see what their abuse support says!