Highway to Dell, part five

(Continued from Highway to Dell, part four.)

My wife upgraded the Dell Inspiron 1525 to Ubuntu 8.04 ("Hardy Heron") the other day and as far as I know, everything works fine after correcting the No Sound After Distribution Upgrade issue. I still haven’t upgraded my Thinkpad T60p from Ubuntu 7.10 and it makes be both proud and a bit annoyed that she’s running a more recent Ubuntu release!

Update Continued on Highway to Dell, part six.


  1. I hardly believed it myself!

    From time to time I’m reminding her to keep her system upgraded and apparently she saw the “Upgrade” button and pressed it, not necessarily paying much attention to the meaning of “New distribution release ‘8.04’ is available” next to the button.

    I did not know or notice that she had upgraded until she commented that the location field drop-down in Firefox had become different. No wonders when she was running Firefox 3!

  2. Hi, I had the same problems with my inspiron 1525 when update it to Hardy 8.04, and I follow all the instructions in the “No Sound Issue”, the sound card driver seems to work again (I see the HDA Intel now) but the speakers don’t play any sound. Do you have the same problem?

  3. @Kutus

    Not that I can recall. I suggest that you run “alsamixer” from the command line and see if the volume settings look correct. (Exit alsamixer by pressing Esc twice, IIRC.)

  4. Yes, all levels of volume settings are at top, I will boot with the LiveCD and copy the config files, may be work! Thanks!

  5. Don’t worry, Maybe I’ll format and install Debian in a few days! I hope all work fine! Thanks a lot!

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