SSL certificate anguish revisted

About one year and one month ago I wrote about SSL certificate anguish. Recently the certificate has expired so I wanted to create a new one. Unfortunately the apache2-ssl-certificate tool went missing and as my server runs Ubuntu 8.04.2 (Hardy) it’s simply not there!

I did this to create the new self-signed certificate:

  1. Download the apache2-common package for Dapper
  2. Extract it with dpkg-deb
  3. Install /usr/share/apache2/ssleay.cnf and /usr/sbin/apache2-ssl-certificate manually
  4. Run apache2-ssl-certificate --force -date 365
    (There should be two dashes before “force” and one dash before “date”. Very logical, and WordPress might not show it properly.)

Maybe I should have increased the time the certificate is valid to more than that, but then I won’t get the chance to revisit this blog post in about a year… 🙂

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