Policy notification from Google

My Swedish site Folkmun allows anyone to add words and their definitions. It’s a simple Swedish version of Urban Dictionary. Some people add very explicit words and I had totally forgotten that such words may clash with Google AdSense policies. Today I received a friendly warning: While reviewing your account, we noticed that you are… Continue reading Policy notification from Google

New site: Blekinge.IT

As much as I try to get rid of domains I don’t use, I can’t avoid registering new domains. I recently registered two domains (singular and plural) for a project with codename Green November. Another domain I recently registered is Blekinge.IT. At some point in the future I want it to be a site about… Continue reading New site: Blekinge.IT

PulseAudio support in Wine makes Spotify work better!

For various reasons (see bottom of WinePulse – PulseAudio for Wine) the main branch of Wine does not support PulseAudio. This makes Spotify under Wine misbehave a bit, but fortunately there is a solution! A person called Neil Wilson has been kind enough to provide PPA packages of Wine with the WinePulse patch. I’m installning… Continue reading PulseAudio support in Wine makes Spotify work better!