Setup a new headless Ubuntu VM in VirtualBox on FreeBSD

  1. Download from //
  2. VBoxManage register “/storage2/virtualboxes/Ubuntu server 11.10/Ubuntu server 11.10.vbox”
  3. VBoxManage list vms
    “Ubuntu server 11.10” {231c28f0-19bb-48d7-9db4-ba29de37e5fd}
  4. VBoxManage modifyvm “Ubuntu server 11.10” –usbehci off
  5. VBoxManage modifyvm “Ubuntu server 11.10” –pae on
  6. VBoxManage modifyvm “Ubuntu server 11.10” –nic1 bridged –bridgeadapter1 em0
  7. VBoxManage sharedfolder add “Ubuntu server 11.10” –name backup –hostpath /backup
  8. nohup VBoxHeadless –startvm “Ubuntu server 11.10” -n 2>&1 &
  9. Connect from desktop via VNC to configure and install guest additions (sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms)
(Note that my blog converts two dashes to a single long dash above.)
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