Is required in or not?

In an XSLT script I didn’t use <xsl:text> inside of <xsl:message>. It worked fine in xsltproc, but the Java XSLT implementation we use complained. What was wrong then? The text in an <xsl:message> was not inside an <xsl:text> element.

Bad code:

<xsl:message>Don't do like this</xsl:message>

Good code:

<xsl:message><xsl:text>Do like this</xsl:text></xsl:message>

To avoid making the same mistake (or another) I wanted to validate my XSL. Searching for “xslt.xsd” turned up something that seems out-of-date. Some further searching revealed the Validating XSLT 2.0 article that include a link to xslt10.rnc. For some reason Jing didn’t recognize this file until I converted it to XML syntax with Trang. Unfortunately the above mistake was not caught by the RELAX NG schema either!

Actually, the <xsl:message> example at does not use <xsl:text> in their example, so maybe it is simply an implementation issue.

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