WordPress upgraded and categories converted to tags

It seems like I’m always using an old WordPress generation, but hopefully without suffering too much from security issues. After upgrading I installed New Tag Cloud and converted my categories to tags. Unfortunately that means that all my posts are uncategorized now! I also need to fix the CSS styling for the tag cloud.

WordPress crack attempt this morning!

When I got to work and viewed this blog I noticed that Sidebar Widgets was disabled. I thought "That’s weird!" When I tried to login to the administration interface I was told that my WordPress database needed upgrading. I thought "That’s weird!" Some further investigation revealed that someone managed to upload a PHP script called… Continue reading WordPress crack attempt this morning!

Let’s Divide and Conquer!

This is my new English-language blog about various software development topics that catch my interest. I’m quite sure that for example Android, Ruby on Rails and agile software development will be mentioned.