WordPress upgraded and categories converted to tags

It seems like I’m always using an old WordPress generation, but hopefully without suffering too much from security issues. After upgrading I installed New Tag Cloud and converted my categories to tags. Unfortunately that means that all my posts are uncategorized now! I also need to fix the CSS styling for the tag cloud.

The WordPress Pharmacy Hack

A number of WordPress blogs around the world have been hacked (or cracked, whichever word you prefer) and a "pharmacy" subdirectory have been injected below the WordPress root. I know of these victims at the moment: azin.se benniboedker.dk www.blog-celeo.com www.digitalrights.gr www.toscaninelmondo.org www.vdomck.org www.yerbastory.pl The injected web pages are advertised by fooling Yahoo! search to make… Continue reading The WordPress Pharmacy Hack