“Novarra”, or “Surf Closed” or “How to put ads on all websites”

Swedish telecom operator TeliaSonera has introduced a mobile data service where you agree to view ads on every web site visited. This service is provided by a company called Novarra. The ads are part of the deal, so the customer get what they pay (or rather don’t pay) for. It also seems that they filter other ads! The interesting thing is that major websites, primarily newspapers, don’t like to have their content modified or ads removed so they redirect Novarra-processed requests to surfclosed.wordpress.com. The Norweigian Mobiletech site has more information and screenshots in the article Transcoding issues introduced by Novarra. Their article was offline for a while, but now it’s back with a small addenum saying “We are experiencing a constructive dialogue with TeliaSonera.”

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