Good at programming, bad at communicating

I can’t remember how I originally found the link (was it in someone’s tweet?) but I managed to find it again in order to share it here. The message may seem silly in retrospect, but I think it was enlightening. The article is called Sometimes, The Better You Program, The Worse You Communicate. The author writes that:

[…] good programming practices are directly opposed to good communication practices.

In bullet form:

  1. D.R.Y. Does Not Apply.
  2. Humans don’t mean what they say.
  3. Compilers don’t need to see an example.
  4. Programs love definitions; Humans get flummoxed.

From now on I will try to repeat myself more often, act on what people mean and not what they say, give more examples and avoid definitions. Except when programming!

2 Replies to “Good at programming, bad at communicating”

  1. Don’t forget to repeat back what you think people mean. With some luck you’ll converge on consensus after a few iterations.

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