My first AJAX!

Probably years after everyone else, I’ve made my first AJAX-enabled web page today. As I do this from within Ruby on Rails, it was virtually painless to remove or replace a piece of HTML. My next AJAX step was to get in_place_editing working. The first problem was the InvalidAuthenticityToken and the second issue was that… Continue reading My first AJAX! Marketplace spam

I’ve been a member of a number of SourceForge projects since 2001 and I can’t recall that I’ve had any previous complaints about their services to the Open Source community, but I’ve been getting “Turn your skills into cash at Marketplace” mails for a while now and my annoyance keeps growing. Some DNS checks… Continue reading Marketplace spam

Softhouse Scrum Master Kit

My employer has put together the brilliant Softhouse Scrum Master Kit including the really nice Softhouse Scrum Poster. I’ll grab one of the kits and hopefully provide some “unboxing” pictures!