SourceForge replaces part of its platform with hosted applications

As project administrator for a couple of SourceForge projects I recently received an e-mail about the upcoming deprecation of multiple applications that are part of the SourceForge platform:

The following applications are due to be deprecated, replaced by
high-quality Open Source applications we have in our Hosted Apps offering:

  • TaskManager will be replaced by TaskFreak!, dotProject and Trac (tickets).
  • DocManager will be replaced by MediaWiki and Trac (wiki).
  • Discussion Forums will be replaced by phpBB.
  • Diary and Notes will be replaced by WordPress. Marketplace spam

I’ve been a member of a number of SourceForge projects since 2001 and I can’t recall that I’ve had any previous complaints about their services to the Open Source community, but I’ve been getting “Turn your skills into cash at Marketplace” mails for a while now and my annoyance keeps growing. Some DNS checks on shows that a company called ExactTarget is running the business. I previously tried to change my e-mail address in their “Profile Center” to [email protected] but on Thursday I got another of the mails. This time I think I managed to unsubscribe. Unsurprisingly, I’m not the only one annoyed by this venture from SourceForge.