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I’ve been a member of a number of SourceForge projects since 2001 and I can’t recall that I’ve had any previous complaints about their services to the Open Source community, but I’ve been getting “Turn your skills into cash at Marketplace” mails for a while now and my annoyance keeps growing. Some DNS checks on shows that a company called ExactTarget is running the business. I previously tried to change my e-mail address in their “Profile Center” to [email protected] but on Thursday I got another of the mails. This time I think I managed to unsubscribe. Unsurprisingly, I’m not the only one annoyed by this venture from SourceForge.


  1. David, this shouldn’t be happening. I’m ExactTarget’s policy compliance director, and I’m looking into this. We’ll figure out what’s going on and make it stop. Feel free to email me directly (or nudge me to come back here a comment again if you like) if you want to discuss further.

  2. Thanks for your concern. I promise that I will get back to you if I get another “Turn your skills into cash at Marketplace” e-mail.

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