I’m currently designing a smart phone game that I plan to monetize through a freemium model and came across the article Freemium Games Get The South Park Treatment by Felix Dicit.

He references a South Park episode where they crack down on Freemium games: US linkSwedish link.

My takeaway from this is that I need to be careful in how I implement the freemium model in the game. I don’t want to end up in a South Park episode. Or maybe I do?

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  1. Hi David,

    I know that you was working on the synCe projekt. Beleave it or not, but it’s still a mandadory app in some enviroment :).
    I try to get this running on suse enterprise server 11 sp4 as well as SLES 12.
    the domain is offline and on source code at sourceforge is not complete. the last version for gnome needs the libsynce 0.17. the latest version is 0.15.
    It would be awesome if you have a moment to compile a vailed package for suse enterprise. but as I can see on your blog, your not really lazy 🙂


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