ng-transclude that also transcludes scope

With the built-in ng-transclude the the scopes become siblings. What if we want the transcluded HTML to inherit the scope of our directive?

Thanks to Controlling Scope on the Transclude Function on ng-nuggets I was able to figure this out:

        .directive('myDirective', myDirective);

    function myDirective() {
        return {
            controller: Controller,
            transclude: true,
            restrict: 'E',
            controllerAs: 'vm',
            link: linkThatTranscludeWithOurScope,
            scope: {}

    function linkThatTranscludeWithOurScope(scope, element, attrs, ctrl, transclude) {
        transclude(scope, function (clone) {

PS. Do not include any template with this directive!

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