Mozilla Messaging

Today, Mozilla Messaging was launched. When thinking of it, I’d say that e-mail as a medium has kind of stagnated. Maybe this project can do something about it? (Thanks to Fredda for the link!)

I recently missed the 10th birthday of XML

The birthday on February 10th was celebrated with a blog post about the XML People. I’d like to add that XML is something like an eccentric coworker who manages to get entangled in everyone else’s work, either by invitation, pushed from above, or sneaked in by someone who knows him or her.

Android SDK m5-rc14 now available

Android SDK m5-rc14 now available. I might have planned to give it a try if I didn’t have updates to The Project ( to do, two energy drinks to add to and a Softhouse Scrum Master Kit to unbox… 🙂

The vmsplice local root exploit

There are some Critical Linux kernel vmsplice security issues that hopefully have been patched properly. See also #27704 on SecurityFocus. Fortunately the kernel on this server is too old to be affected! 🙂 $ ./27704 ———————————– Linux vmsplice Local Root Exploit By qaaz ———————————– [+] mmap: 0x0 .. 0x1000 [+] page: 0x0 [+] page: 0x20… Continue reading The vmsplice local root exploit


Reading Interoperability Wars – Episode 6 – Part 1 – Revenge of Babble just made me want to create a blog post with this title.


Today I reinstated a proper web site on the domain for my project MidaSync. Quoting from the single page: MidaSync is a project, or collection or projects, for seamless connection between Microsoft Windows Mobile devices and Open Source operating systems. Further development of MidaSync is currently postponed indefinitely. I hope to revive it some day,… Continue reading MidaSync