Letting Go (of domain names) Is Never Easy

So, I have registered a few more domain names than I really need. The domain names are usually a result of this:

  1. I get a good (or bad) idea for a web site project
  2. I think of good (and bad) domain names for the project
  3. I register a domain name for the web site
  4. But, because I already have work, family and a whole bunch of existing projects to attend to, I never get very far with implementing the web site

Then, a year later, the domain name needs to be renewed. One possible action:

A slight hope of continuing the project and some squirreling tendencies makes me renew the domain registration.

Another possible action:

Let the domain name registration expire.

But it does not feel good at all:

No! Not one of my domain names! They are part of the family! If I let them expire they will be bought by someone running a parked domain monetization scheme!

I actually counted to three domains of mine that will expire during the months to come. And then there are a couple of domain names I want to register if they become available… Letting Go Is Never Easy!

Btw, have you tried my Google Apps™ Test service? It checks if a domain name is connected to Google Apps, the Google Apps mail service, Google Sites or Blogger.

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  1. Tell me about it!

    I’ve got about 160 domains running and every year I get those invoices and it’s painful. I’ve been able to sell a few domains through the years (and I’ve bought a few expensive ones – such as 99.se) so I believe that im still ahead.

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