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Latest projects

Energidrycker och deras ingredienser

Swedish web site about energy drinks. Implemented in PHP. Administration interface uses Ruby on Rails.


Web site for collecting colloquial Swedish words and expressions. Implemented in PHP. Administration interface uses Ruby on Rails.

Inofficiell syndikering av sändningsarkiv för P3 Rytm

See Creating an Atom feed from a web page for more information.


Tools and libraries to connect Windows Mobile devices to Linux. I joined the project soon after it started in 2001, and a year later I was entrusted with the project management responsibility. I reverse engineered and implemented the core functionality for operating system versions prior to Windows Mobile 5.

Selected past projects

  • ScummVM — I was a co-developer of the Flight of the Amazon Queen engine implementation. (C++, 2003)
  • Desquirr — A decompiler plugin for Interactive Disassembler Pro. (C++, 2002)
  • Universe — An extension to PHP that enables access to CORBA servers using MICO. (gcc/g++, 2001-2002)
  • IDA Pro add-ons — Add-ons to Interactive Disassembler Pro. (C++, 2002)
  • Satellite — An extension to PHP that enables access to CORBA servers using ORBit. Replaced by Universe.
  • SetiWrapper — A wrapper to run SETI@home as a Windows NT service. (“MS Visual C++, 2000)
  • CalcEm — An emulator for Texas Instruments calculator models TI-82 and TI-83. (MS Visual C++, 1998)
  • Cable device driver — A device driver (VxD) to replace a TI GraphLink cable with an inexpensive home-made cable. (MS Visual C++, 1998)
  • ICECream and MeltICE — Functions to detect the SoftICE debugger. (MS Visual C++, 1997)
  • GeoManager — A file upload software for GeoCities. (MS Visual C++, 1996)
  • TI-83 assembler programs — Example programs made in Z80 assembler for the TI-83 calculator. (Z80 assembler, 1996)
  • SiteWorks — Web site management software with Microsoft Word as web page editor. (Visual Basic, 1996)
  • K.O.R.T. Save game editor — Save game editor for the game King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table
  • Intro ’95 — Features: Mode X graphics, star scroller, bouncing & rotating object, text scroller. (QuickC, 1995)
  • Diamanttjuvar i farten — A text-mode computer game. For nostalgic purposes only. (QuickBasic, 1992)


  1. Hey,
    I’ve recently been messing around with old games, and someone pointed me to the info in your “King Arthur’s K.O.R.T.” editor. I used the information you provided in the document to add support for the KORT_DAT.* image files in a game media conversion tool of mine.

    In there I noticed the request for info on more file formats, so I just wanted to let you know I actually made a font editor in which I added support for the KORT font. You can check it out here:

    The source code is provided, so feel free to check out the specifications of the font.

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