Facebook mail servers blacklisted by Spamhaus XBL!

To be more exact, some Facebook mail servers are listed in the Composite Blocking List (CBL), including but probably not limited to these:

  • outmail002.ash1.tfbnw.net –
  • outmail004.ash1.tfbnw.net –
  • outmail007.ash1.tfbnw.net –
  • outmail009.ash1.tfbnw.net –
  • outmail110.ash1.tfbnw.net –

CBL is not very informative, but writes:

ATTENTION: If you are running IPSwitch Imail, or similar shared hosting software, please contact the CBL by email. If you are running Ensim, please read this for a workaround. Otherwise, this IP is infected with/emitting spamware/spamtrojan traffic and needs to be fixed.

This will prevent me and others using sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org from receiving some Facebook e-mails. Good thing they are not so important! 🙂

Update This was corrected around midnight (UTC) between Saturday and Sunday.

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