Now on IPv6

I configured a bunch of IPv6 addresses on my GleSYS VPS and got it working after setting the proper route.

After that I added AAAA records for the .se domains I buy through Loopia, including this one. Some of my domains are on easyDNS and they do not appear to support AAAA records until the new member interface launches. According to 1,5 years old information it should add AAAA support.

For testing I added an IPv6-only record for this server:

Tired of Lighttpd

The initial VPS package I ordered did not have very much RAM so I decided to run Lighttpd. Since then I have upgraded the VPS to a pretty luxurious package so the RAM limitation hardly applies anymore.

I still haven’t moved all my websites from the old server to the VPS and I just realized that a big threshold is moving the web server configuration from Apache to Lighttpd. Now I plan to revert to Apache on the VPS before migrating more websites.

Lighttpd is not bad, but I’ll save it for simpler setups than my 20+ virtual hosts  including multiple forums, blogs, wikis…

Web and mail server connectivity issues

Not long after my FreeBSD file server at home was upgraded properly, my old web and mail server lost connection to the Internet.

The server was unable to connect to the Internet (and vice versa) from yesterday evening until midday today. The cause was presumably a routing problem in the network run by the crappy broadband provider Blixtvik. (Formerly Jacket, formerly IP-Bolaget, formerly Cenara…)

My new server is a virtual private server (VPS) from GleSYS but I have not prioritized to move all my stuff there before. Now it’s time! I’ve moved this blog there as a first step, only everything else remains… Unfortunately the server is running low on RAM (no swap on a VPS!) so I have ordered an upgrade to the “gold” package with 1024 megabytes RAM guaranteed (and twice as much available for bursts). I also get 8 CPU cores and other things that are nice but not strictly neccessary…

When the upgrade has been performed I will continue to move stuff. Right now it looks mostly like this at the command line:

bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory