Maverick Meerkat joys

In retrospect, I really don’t understand why I didn’t upgrade my primary laptop (Thinpad T60p with ATI graphics) earlier, as the Spotify issue was resolved a long time ago.

Maverick feels a bit faster than Lucid, so I’m really happy.

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  1. Yeah I’m really happy with it. Except the experimental stuff Canonical likes to burden every release with (of which some is good, like Upstart). Not too sure about Natty and Unity though. :/

  2. Oh, Upstart is the new startup script system (parallelized!).

    Unity is the new UI replacing the Gnome desktop in Natty Narwhal (10.10).

    1. Oh yes now I remember, my kitchen computer runs Unity, and I don’t like it very much. Gnome 3.0 seems more interesting to me.

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