Solved problems installing a graphics card in a Windows 2003 Server

My computer troubles did not stop with the RAM failure on my laptop.

The next issue was a server upgrade at work. We needed to put a graphics card into a server. (Don’t ask why!) The HP ProLiant ML110 G5 server has a built-in Matrox G200e (with 8 megabytes of RAM) and I installed a  PNY Quadro NVS 290 with PCI-Express x1 interface. (The server only has PCI-Express up to x8, not x16 as 99% of all graphics cards require!)

It was not possible to disable the integrated graphics in BIOS so we only disabled it in the Windows Server 2003 Device Manager. So far so good! The weird thing was that Remote Desktop stopped working. It took me embarassingly long to find the relevant message in the Event Viewer: SystemRootSystem32RDPDD.dll failed to load. Once I found that message it didn’t take long to find and try the suggested solution and it worked at last!

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