Domain-name based ssh login attempts

The last few weeks I have noticed some illicit ssh login attempts that uses parts of the reverse DNS domain name as user name when it tries to login. The last attempt looked like this in my LogWatch summary: Illegal users from these: ( 9 times        root/password: 4 times        cenara/password: 2… Continue reading Domain-name based ssh login attempts

WordPress crack attempt this morning!

When I got to work and viewed this blog I noticed that Sidebar Widgets was disabled. I thought "That’s weird!" When I tried to login to the administration interface I was told that my WordPress database needed upgrading. I thought "That’s weird!" Some further investigation revealed that someone managed to upload a PHP script called… Continue reading WordPress crack attempt this morning!

Andi Gutmans: “Java is losing the battle for the modern Web”

Andi Gutmans (of PHP fame) has written a very interesting blog post about Java’s future on the web. The article is called Java is losing the battle for the modern Web. Can the JVM save the vendors? He gives some good arguments for using a LAMP stack for web applications. One of the interesting quotes… Continue reading Andi Gutmans: “Java is losing the battle for the modern Web”

SSL certificate anguish

Today I overcome my SSL certificate anguish. It used to be a bit of a mess to get it right, but it’s so simple on Ubuntu nowadays. It is almost only running the apache2-ssl-certificate command that is needed.

Mandriva synchronizes Windows Mobile devices out of the box!

I read Guido Diepen’s blog post Syncing WM5/WM6 made easy with new Mandriva and it seems like Mandriva has made SynCE and OpenSync work out the box with no pain whatsoever. It’s like a dream coming true! 🙂 Here is Adam Will’s video Synchronizing with Windows Mobile 5/6 made easy in Mandriva. Watch and enjoy!

Highway to Dell, part two

(Continued from Highway to Dell, part one.) Yesterday I swapped hard disk drive in the Dell Inspiron 1525 (without even booting Windows Vista), inserted the DVD with ubuntu-dell-1525n-intelvideo-reinstall.iso downloaded from // and installed Ubuntu. Everything I’ve tried worked out of the box except the wireless network. The Dell 1395 wireless network started working when I… Continue reading Highway to Dell, part two

Intrepid Ibex

According to Mark Shuttleworth’s announcement yesterday the name of the autumn release of Ubuntu will be Intrepid Ibex.