I want to be a really good software developer. In 2002 I secured my Master’s degree in Software Engineering. Fresh out of the university I joined ServiceFactory (now part of Birdstep Technology AB) and did a lot of C programming in an embedded FreeBSD environment. Early 2006 I became a consultant at CSC Sverige AB. I worked on-site at Telenor Sweden with support for internal systems and maintenance of C++ and PHP applications.

Late 2007 I changed employer to Softhouse and my first client was telecommunications company Ericsson and after that I participated in a 6-month project for Telenor Research & Innovation. Currently I am working with maintenance of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platform at Telenor Sweden.

I have been interested in agile software development for a long time, and since autumn 2007 I’m a Certified Scrum Master. Now I’m getting some real-world agile experience as a Scrum team member. I also have a keen interest in Open Source and I run the Ubuntu Linux distribution on most of my computers.

You can send e-mail to me by prepending david and the @ sign to this domain without the www.

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